• Lentils, Peas, and Beans
  • Grains, Cereals, and Oilseeds
  • Bird, Poultry, and Animal Feeds

Who We Are

Alliance Zone Inc. is a customer-oriented Agri-Food Sourcing Firm. We source, trade and export the highest quality grains, nuts, spices and other food products worldwide. We are directly working with world’s top agricultural producers, processors and packers to fulfill customers’ specific requirements at competitive prices.

In compliance with customers’ needs, we offer Conventional, Organic, Non-GMO and/or Gluten-Free Agri-food products. We also ship in bulk, bags and totes.

Let us be your Virtual Agri-Food Sourcing Team, saving your company valuable time, money and resources. Contact us today!

Dedicated & Reliable

Understanding and addressing customers’ specific needs is always our top priority. We put customers at the heart of our business and we help them make the right procurement decisions.

Professional & Honest

We uphold integrity and we tell the truth as we see it. We focus on delivering more value than expected to our partners and we keep their information confidential.


We track the global Agri-food market indicators and price trends to provide our customers with timely and useful market information helping them make significant cost savings.